50 Piece Gunmaster Wooden Cleaning Station With Storage

Gunmaster Wooden Cleaning Station with Storage


A wonderful way to remove your gun of unwanted materials, the DAC Technologies Gunmaster Wooden Cleaning Station is an effective approach to make sure your firearm is clear and appropriately taken care of. Constructed by using durable and trustworthy components, these from the experts at DAC Technologies will provide you with numerous years of efficiency.



  • Real Wood
  • Includes 50 pieces: 3 rods, one 33" flex cable, one multi-function handle, one plastic adaptor for cable, 3 accessory adaptors, 10 bore brushes, 6 mops, 2 slot tips, 12 jags, 3 bore guides, 50 3"x3" cleaning patches, and a 10 piece driver bit set.
  • Cleans .17 cal. - 12 gauge
  • Removable gun cleaning cradles
We custom fill your orders within 48-72 hours. Since we ship direct from the manufacturer it can take up to 7 to 14 days to arrive (international orders may take 15-20 business days). But once you get your stuff you will know it was worth the wait!
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50 Piece Gunmaster Wooden Cleaning Station With Storage


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