About us

Who are we?

We're red blooded, God fearing, American capitalists who are passionate about our family, our friends, and upholding the values of this great country's founding fathers and the Constitution... especially the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution that is being trampled upon by the tyrannical 'leftists' who are trying their damn-dist to destroy our country.

We provide gear that those who Stand for the 2nd want and need for concealed carry, for tactical needs, prepping, survival, etc... and apparel that proudly shows the world how we feel about the preservation of our land, liberty, and rights.

So enjoy the site and we sincerely hope you'll find exactly what you're looking for. 

It seriously thrills us when you guys order gear and shirts from us. We love the fact that you made a choice to purchase one of our item and want you to know that we are here both before and after the sale if there's anything at all that you need. Just shoot us a message at support(at)standforthe2nd.net!